One emonPi for two inverters?

Salutations from a neophyte,

We do not need to measure consumption, but have two separate 3.3KW PV arrays that I wish instead to monitor for performance as independent generators.

Is it possible (or practical) to employ just the CT1 and CT2 inputs of a single emonPi with emonCMS application to display the production activity of each of the 2 arrays?

Thank you.

Yes, you can monitor two PV arrays.

The caveats are:
You have two current inputs, but only one voltage input, available, so you must assume that the voltages on the two legs of the supply are the same (within reason, which they usually are to within a small percentage).

If your array feeds an equal current into both legs (this will normally be true except possibly for the few tens of watts necessary for the control electronics) then you only need 1 c.t. per array. If they don’t feed each leg equally, then you’ll need two c.t’s for each array and you’ll need to connect and calibrate them in accordance with one of the diagrams on the “Use in N.America” page.

As your maximum current is only 13.75 A, you might prefer a lower maximum current c.t to our standard 100 A one, as that will improve the accuracy at low powers. Be sure to get one with a 50 mA current output, or you are likely to need to take your emonPi apart and change a couple of components.

Excellent info! I anticipate shaking the system out with the sct-013-100’s available in the store to minimize my learning curve and because the more sensitive CT’s don’t appear to be commonly available with 50ma output. We’ll move cautiously with a known quantity. Thank you!