One device - different users


Is there a possibility in EmonCMS to see the same feed from different accounts?


Hello Gian, in which way do you want to use the feed from a different account? You can make a feed public, and view public dashboards, but at the moment its not possible to easily select this feed for inclusion in a dashboard of another account.

Hello TrystanLea,

About my situation:
We are doing a schoolproject with EmonCMS on a testserver and I tried to solve the following possible situation: There is a household where different people use different accounts, but there is only one Device that sends data. Is there a way to see this data on different accounts? Can I also activate public feeds on our testserver?

Thank you for your advice.

No its not possible to have multiple account logins and see the same inputs/feeds. But is there any reason not to share one login between all users for your application?

Yes, clicking on the globe icon on the feeds list will make the feeds public.

Hi TrystanLea,

No, there is no particular reason, I just wanted to check all possible cases.
Thank you for fast answers.

Is this not what the groups module is for?

PS @TrystanLea and @cagabi, I think the groups module implementation on is broken, I wanted to try this but any attempt to create a new user results in an “failed” error, although it does create the new user as I can log in to that seperate account, but I cannot currently attach that or any other user to my account, I can create groups, but the only member is me. (I wasn’t sure where to post about the issue, the emoncmsorg or the groups module repos)

@gian.brunner - Where is your data sourced from?

Are you using emonHub?

If you are, a workaround might be to create multiple emoncms accounts and then have emonhub send the same data to multiple accounts, it’s easily done, but maybe less than ideal, each account will be independent so each account will need processing and dashboards created and it will use more disk space as there will be a set of feeds for each account.

It would solve the problem of only having one source of data for multiple persons to explore emoncms with the same “replicated” data independently, but not for multiple persons to view the actual same recorded data via separate logins or thier own custom dashboards.

Thanks Paul for the call. You are right that the groups module would do the job. The users need to be administrators or subadministror of the group in order to be able to see the feeds of the other users.

I wonder if it has to do with this commit were the tags were removed remove tags · emoncms/[email protected] · GitHub

I am not sure why @Trystan removed them but tbh I don’t think the tags are that great. Also I don’t like that they are implemented in a core module but only used in a third party one. So maybe better to get rid of them completely as it was a specific requirement for some people.

I don’t think I have used the groups module in an emonCMS v9 up to date so the problem may be there too. I will be able to check next week.

I get email notifications for new issues in the group module repo, so that would be a good place

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No problem at all, thanks for replying, I’m sure you’re just as busy as we all are.