Nuisance trips with OpenEVSE


I bought an Advanced Series Kit one year ago, and it works pretty well so far, except for an issue that I can’t solve:

I’m trying to charge as much as possible when my rooftop PV is producing, but I experience charger tripping. It can charge ok for 1 hour and then trips. Generally it manages to charge again for few minutes, and then trips for good (after that, the charge becomes impossible for few hours until it reactivate suddenly).

Which is weird is that the charger never tripped once when I’m charging at night.

I looked at the logs, but nothing at first sight.

There is no message issues appearing on the car (Renault Zoe from 2017).

Do you think there could be voltage issues or earth issues on my network when PV is producing but without appearing on OPENEVSE logs?
I shut down the PV inverters to see if this would solve, but it tripped again few minutes after.

See some logs attached captured yesterday.

Thanks in advance for your help.