Not clear how to provide power to EmonTX

Team I was reading the wiki and found this:
Important note regarding powering with AC: powering via AC is only recommended for standard emonTx operation without auxiliary sensors (apart from up to 4 DS18B20 temperature sensors) or equipment (e.g. relay modules) connected. Correct operation via the ac supply is critically dependent upon using the correct ac-ac adapter. If you are using the recommended ac-ac adapter and the current draw exceeds 10 mA and the mains supply is below the minimum allowable, then the circuit operation will be impaired, adversely affecting the reading accuracy of the emonTx. To avoid damage to the emonTx V3’s circuits, the current drawn from the AC circuit should never exceed 60mA - see technical wiki for more info. If more than 10 mA of current is required it is recommended to remove jumper 2 (JP2) and power the emonTx via 5V USB. When JP2 is removed, the AC-AC adapter if connected will only be used to provide an AC sample. It will not power the emonTx.

It is NOT clear to me what I can connect to the EmonTYX if I use AC-AC certified adapter.
I wanted to connect 4 CT sensors (SCT-013-000) but I’m now unsure if that will be correct or not.

That specifies “auxiliary sensors”, specifically more than 4 temperature sensors or relays etc. The CTs are not that, they do not draw any additional power from the 3.3 V rail. Therefore this note does not concern you.

However, if you experience any instability, you should substitute a good 5 V d.c. USB power supply.