Noob Questions

After some fettling and false starts, I think I have my emonpi correctly set up and the sensors in the correct places in my cramped meter space under the stairs.

I have a couple of questions

How easy is it to export or move the database currently residing on my emonpi to a Linux server that I have (based on CentOS and running Nethserver AiO applications suite) where I want to keep a number of databases and systems to run IoT devices.?

Has anybody set up a Feed that can record daytime electricity use vs nighttime?

I want to gather some data to investigate possible future battery installation to compliment my Solar and work out cost savings and do projections of costs if I switch to a variable tariff where nighttime costs are much cheaper but I need my usage figures at night without having to remember to take manual readings each night and morning over a period of time to do this.

Yes, take a look at the “Apps” - the time of use and cost comparison do this.