NodeRed... Grafana / Home Assistant / OpenEnergyMonitor

hey hey.

so from some of my posting some of the guys might be aware i’m busy playing with a couple of different techs at the moment, trying to stick everything together…

I recently installed a Victron Inverter + VenusGX (The brains) 2 x Charge Controllers (blueSolar 150/35) and 9 panels and a pair of PylonTech US2000Plus Lithium Ion batteries.

i already have a (not to well configured) OpenEnergyMonitor installed on a RPi with 16 CT’s (2 x RPICT8 boards from, planning to add a 3rd board with a voltage input to improve the accuracy of the values)

so… I’m going home this weekend and will then install my HomeAssistant which is on docker on Raspbian… (allowing me all the benefits of HA and the add-on management but also allowing me direct OS access)

I’vee Installed InfluxDB, Node-Red, TasmoAdmin (taking a suitcase full of sonoff’s thats been Tasmoto imaged along).

Thinking at the moment is;

Use openEnergyMonitor as is to monitor the main circuits, with the CT clamps in place, and then to MQTT broker/publish / make available those inputs.

I then have the VenusGX available as a MQTT publisher with all the information/topics available how much PV it’s bringing in, how much power it’s bringing in from the grid and then how much it’s pushing out to the essential and non essential bus bar’s on my DB. (there is about 1000topics to subscribe to) :slight_smile: :slight_smile:

I will then of course also have all the sonoff’s as publishers, (and subscribers for commands) allowing me to on/off circuits/plugs based on PV yield, power source, battery state, time of day etc…

#1 the current planning is to subscribe to all these on my HomeAssistant using NodeRed and use that as the central consolidation point… injest with NodeRed, store into InfluxDB, and graph with Grafana… and action using NodeRed
#2 push all power relate topics to OpenenergyMonitor and inject/store there and graph there and then subscribe from HA to some VenusGX topics also, re the relevant metrics and use the HA based NodeRed to just do workflow management to manage/control the Sonoff’s. this basically removes the need/requirement for Grafana as all graphing will be in OEM. Might just use MariaDB tied to NodeRed to store/record what was switched when based on what values.

but then some confusion/uncertainty… it might actually bee nice to have all the data available inside OEM to graph together the per circuit and house usage together with the Venus supplied values.

would welcome some comments.