No serial Uart - usb connection with Arduino IDE


I am at the point of calibrate the voltage and current readings of the EmonTx V3. Ac-Ac adaptor and 4 current transformers are installed. Installed the usb to serial part connection, download the Arduino IDE software and is running. My mac is seeing the uart-board on his usb poort, but I can’t select the poort of uart-board within the Arduino software. The blue led on the board is on and the red led of the TX is flashing every 10 seconds.
Any suggestion what to do?

Thanks, Ger


Now I try to connect with Atom, but no luck. See code.

export PATH=/Users/MacBookPro/.atom/packages/platformio-ide/penv/bin:/usr/local/bin:/usr/bin:/bin:/usr/sbin:/sbin
pio -f -c atom serialports monitor --port
MacBook-Pro:src MacBookPro$ export PATH=/Users/MacBookPro/.atom/packages/platformio-ide/penv/bin:/usr/local/bin:/usr/bin:/bin:/usr/sbin:/sbin
MacBook-Pro:src MacBookPro$ pio -f -c atom serialports monitor --port
Error: --port option requires an argument
MacBook-Pro:src MacBookPro$

Need some help with this.

Thanks, Ger

It would appear that we have few Apple Mac users who can help you. Have you tried the Arduino website & forums? I did a Google search for “arduino ide & apple mac port selection” which seemed to find many suggestions, but I don’t know enough about the Apple OS to be able to help you.

Hello Robert,

Thank you for your reply. I got this link CP210x USB to UART Bridge VCP Drivers - Silicon Labs from Glyn and it had the correct driver. So is working now.
Data is coming from the EmonTx (software; emonTx V3.4 Discrete Sampling V2.80) to the serial monitor and calibrated the voltage measurement.

Trying to calibrate the current sensors, but struggling to get the current reading from the sketch. I now I have to add some lines to print the current of each 4 sensors, but what value I have to use and what the correct lines are and where to put them, is still a problem to me. Did a lot of efforts today but compiling always went wrong. Have reading a lot of sketches and topics, non of them was useful for me.

Can you put me on the right track?

Thanks, Ger

I do not understand why the instructions for downloading those drivers have been taken off this site. They were included as part of the old instructions to set up the Arduino IDE.

This is a much easier question for me!

The current is calculated by emonLib, but it does not appear anywhere. It is calculated inside calcVI( … ), therefore it is available after the call to that. Just add:
Serial.print("Current 1 = ");Serial.println(ct1.Irms);
likewise for the other CTs. The best place to add this will be with the other print statements for power & voltage.

The clue is to look at emonlib.h
In there, you’ll see listed as “public”:
//Useful value variables double realPower, apparentPower, powerFactor, Vrms, Irms;
so all those are calculated and available. All you must do is print them to serial. If you want them in emonCMS, then it is a little harder - you must add them to the block of data transmitted and edit emonhub to expect the extra values at the other end.

Yes, that’s why I couldn’t find the right variables.

Have added the lines to print the currents into the sketch and is working fine. So now I’am going to set up a 2000 Watt heater for the calibration of the currents and adjust the Ical accordantly.

I still have to read a lot if I want also to see the current readings in emonCMS, but that’s for later.
Thank you for your support Robert.

Regards, Ger