No feeds after new install

I’ve been using a standalone Emoncms on Ubuntu, old version was 9.9.5, I decided to upgrade it to the latest version but I ended up making a mess of it so I renamed the emoncms directory and did a fresh install.

I’ve managed to access the system as normal but my feeds are missing, I just get the loading spinner.

I’ve been messing around trying to find a solution but I think I am now getting myself lost, before I just create everything from scratch I thought I would ask for help finding the feeds, my best guess is that the database has changed but when I go into admin and click to update it says it is up to date.

Appreciate any help. thanks

All the processing info for the feeds are in the SQL table so the data directory is only one small part of what makes it tick.

How did you do the install? There is a risk you overwrote the SQL table in the install process.

There are scripts available to backup everything (useful for furure reference only I suspect :slightly_smiling_face:).

I renamed the directory and then installed a fresh copy using the info on github, I didn’t recreate the database though, I missed that part out.

The inputs are there so if they are in the database then hopefully the feeds are there as well.

I had a look in the feeds table and the feeds are there

Not necessarily, the inputs are just created dynamically as EmonCMS finds data sources to use either by HTTP or MQTT.

There are ways to delve into the SQL database but that is not something I’m overly familiar with @pb66 @TrystanLea @glyn.hudson should be able to help and see if the tables are there.

Is there anything in the emoncms log? Try setting the loglevel to 1 in the settings.

Do you have your old settings.php file?

Everything appears to be in the database and yes I’ve got the old settings.php file, I checked the database settings, is there anything else in it I should check?

Are the data folders in the same places as before and the paths set in the settings file?


  • Browser cache cleared?
  • Try in a private window?
  • Is it on the same IP?

That was it!

phpfina and phptimeseries were not the same, I’ve changed them and the feeds are now showing.

Many thanks

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Great. You should find the backup process works so if you want to move again, that is the simplest route.

Just so you know we are in the process of completing some scripts that will automate an install on Ubuntu. I’ve been using them with a high degree of success (search on Ubuntu). The old installation instructions do have some issues!