No Access to AP Adafruit HUZZAH

(Cyrilbl) #21

I am missing a data file.where should be and should it show in the list of files on the top IDE menu bar along with config.cpp config.h etc?

(Cyrilbl) #22

Found it

(Daniel Bates) #23

Aye, the ‘data’ folder with a bunch of web-page related files.
With src.ino open in the IDE, the ‘ESP8266 Sketch Data Upload’ menu item should appear.

I’m adding to the list of improvements to the guide your difficulty getting the ‘tools’ folder setup with the with the esp8266fs.jar file in the right place, no doubt a different location platform to platform.

All for resetting an admin password :persevere:

(Cyrilbl) #24

That was a long road. I had many attempts. Yes it WORKS Yay!!! I used your modified sketch. I can now set up emontx 3 phase on site and give it a whirl. Thank you very much for your assistance.

(Daniel Bates) #25

I was beginning to loose hope on this one so am very glad to hear!
All the best. :slight_smile: