Newbie Feeds and Disconnects

I’ve successfully setup the hardware for Solar monitoring but have two questions.

  1. I’m a type-2 Solar (ie grid and solar both connect to consumer unit). However, I managed to follow the type1 instructions in error. I’ve removed the sources, but when I try to add them again, it says they exist. I assume I need to delete the feeds but wanted to ask in case I do something irreversible.

  2. Every morning the web page to the emonpi is non responsive. When I checked it showed 0% Wi-Fi but in the day it shows 50%. I’ve since run an Ethernet cable. I’ve still issues but both Wi-Fi and Ethernet are active. Not sure what DNS is using. How do I switch off Wi-Fi? Are there any logs to see what may be going on and how do i access them?


I took the plunge I deleted the feeds. That fixed the issue and allowed me to set-up for solar (Type-2)