Newbie emoncms Local OK. Internet NOT

Hello I’ve set-up the emoncms application on my Andriod phone and it works well at home. However when I’m not on my home network I get CONNECTION ERROR in the app. I thought the idea of the apps was for internet use, so I assume I’ve set something wrong.

It may be relevant, but on they all show as inactive.


Can you view emoncms from a normal browser when away from home?

That sounds like you are using a local IP address on your LAN to access the emoncms instance, that route/address is only valid when connected to your home LAN. It will not work over a mobile data network.

It is. But it uses an existing route, it doesn’t provide a new route. So it will only work if you can already see your emoncms instance whilst away from the house. It is only a mobile friendly viewer application.

To make emoncms accessible from outside your LAN you need to either

  1. set up port forwarding and probably an account with a dynamic dns provider or
  2. use Dataplicity

Hi Paul, thanks for your help. My mistake was thinking emonpi was local and emoncms was external. I’ve now resolved the issue. I repeated setting up the inputs and feeds I used on emoncms, but did it on internet account. I’ll admit it was a bit of trial and error getting it to work, but it now looks correct.

I can now move of to the next challenges :slight_smile:

Thanks again