New installation of EmonCMS - Redis query

I am building a fresh install of the pi I run EmonCMS on. I have been following the guide but I have a query over this line;

That’s also the opportunity to activate redis support if needed :

//2 #### Redis
$redis_enabled = true;

Having gone to the trouble of getting the right php5-redis package, why would I not need it?

Anyone help?

Hi Brian
yes you should set redis_enabled = true to get the full suite of processing options. I cannot think of any good reason not to use it if it is installed, that is the deciding factor, can I install it? that setting is there, if required to tell emoncms not to use Redis, usually because it can’t be installed (windows or shared hosting without root access)

Thanks Paul. Can I suggest to update the documentation to remove the doubt but add in what might be lost if it is not possible to install it. Cheers.