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New Inputs periodically generated - appear to be duplicates - all data goes to new input until I delete it

I have seen that on occasion, new inputs are created on as if the posted string was generated ( or parsed) incorrectly.
However the same issue, or a knock on effect seems to mean that sometimes a duplicate of an existing input is created.

The problem I have is that all subsequent data ( presumably created / parsed without error) causes the duplicate input to be updated not the original. This means that my data is not stored against the correct input.

I can fix this, by deleteing the rogue copies of the input, and then the posted data reverts to the original input that has been temporarily without data.

Is it possible to ensure that any data is sent to the earliest input created when there are duplicates with the same name ?

Hello @PaulMarshall thanks for posting, could you take a screenshot next time this happens, I will make a note to look into this when I next update this part of the software.

Thank you for your prompt response.

The screenshot pasted shows ‘KSreturnT’ in my original list as no data for 3 hours, yet further down you can see an apparently identical input with up to date data.

Thanks @PaulMarshall interesting, looks like a lot of garbled inputs in there! It looks like you are posting this data from the heat pump monitor. Do you know when was the last time that you updated the firmware on the system, both the atmega and the esp8266?