New input with ID:0 and cannot add process list

Hi Guys,

I have an issue with my Emoncms, I have added a new device which sends it current state as ‘0’ or ‘1’, this appears in the input list fine.

When i try to create a feed from it the feed is created but then when i save the process list I get the error “could not save process list:undefined” when I get the list of inputs and latest data this one is at the top with ID:0.

I presume this is the cause of the error as when i add a second new device it overwrites this one in the input list and is also assigned ID:0.

I’m guessing this could be an overflow of the ID number register.

Any help would be appreciated.

I have tracked it down to an issue with MQTT, if the input is created with MQTT it gets an ID:0 and wont work, if you create it with json through a browser it creates the feed with a valid ID which you can then add processes to, then when MQTT updates it, it works fine.