New Hussah WiFi Module - Emoncms Inputs Updating OK but not Linking to Feeds

I’ve just replaced the Hussah WiFi module on my EmonTx.

All seems to be working as far as sending data goes (module reports 100% successful messages).
All seems to be working at in as much as all inputs are updating regularly and showing green.
My problem is that the feeds, already set up, are not working.

As the screenshot shows its as though something happened about 5 days ago to disconnect feeds from inputs. This would probably coincide with the time the last Hussah was powered up (on a different SSID network) but I don’t see what else I should enter on the module’s UI, or why something on the module should prevent the inputs linking in to the feed calculations within Emoncms.

I suspect this is something basic but as its 2 years since I set this up I’ve long forgotten anything I learned then!

Any thoughts?

The NodeID has changed to 1. Not sure how you could change it, but it needs to be 601. Alternatively, add the Input processing to link the new inputs to the existing feeds.