New feed for kWh/day


I’d like to create a new feed for real time daily consumption. Go back to “zero” each new day. How can I do please ?
I want tu use this parameter on Nextion Screen for display.

Sorry I don’t think there is anyway to do this currently. Agree, this would be something that would be worth looking at.

If you have to write code to get the data to the Nextion Screen, you could take the same approach the EmonCMS “My Electric” App takes using the cumulative kWh feed, ie. get the data in daily chunks via the relevant API and then subtract the value from the day before from the value for each day to get the “daily” value.

The various EmonCMS “Time of Use” Apps operate in the same way with “hourly chunks” of data to work out hourly consumption.

I’m sure a DAILY feed in MYSQL engine works that way.
I have some feeds created, they show just a value for each day being the current day value incremented on each post.


What would be the definition of a ‘day’? Is it timezone adjusted?


in fact, I just want to get values displayed by emonGLCD

Mainly "using today in kWh, SolarPV today in kWh like o picture.
Where does emonGLCD get these values ?

Yes, the processlist power_to_kwhd function uses the account timezone.

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By default, only the time comes from the emonBase/emonPi, the power values come direct from the emonTx. The GLCD sketch itself accumulates the kWh values on a daily basis.