New Emonpi

I just recieved mi Emonpi a few days ago.

Can anyone tell me what applications are installed by default. Node-Red, OpenHAB and LightWaveRF are mentioned on the website.
Or would they be better installed on a seperate machine?

Many thanks


Hello @Fellside, We switched from including these applications by default on the emonPi in order to reduce risk of SD card wear and other installation related complications. We do recommend installing these on a separate machine now.

Hi Trystan,
Thank you for the reply. It is mentioned on the site though :slightly_smiling_face:

It is a steep learning curve at the moment. So if the docs are not keeping up with development it makes it hard for new users.

I have just had the problem with no auto WiFi scanning amongst other things not working. This was caused by a settings.php file. That is now working.(seem this has happened before)

I have just tried the MQTT tutorial. Testing MQTT, that dosn`t work as it should. Is that due to the tutorial being out of date. Or is it associated with the settings.php file problem?



The website should also recommend not installing things such as Node-Red on an emonPi as the setup is such that it can cause issues - caveat emptor if you do.

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Hi Brian,

Thank you for you reply.

What is your preferred hardware and software solution on the second machine if as you say you think it best to not install NR etc on the emonpi machine.

Many thanks


Could be anything. Easiest is a second Pi with a stock RaspberryPi OS lite - IIRC it comes with NR installed.

If you wanted to use something like Home Assistant (which is my preferred home automation platform), it again will run on a Pi and has a very good add-on for Node-Red that is pretty much one click install. You then get the home automation bit and NR all in one platform.

Personally I have repurposed an old Laptop, upgraded the memory, installed Proxmox and run some Ubuntu containers.

It really depends on how much you want to learn :slight_smile:

Whatever you do, if it is going to control your home, consider what happens when it fails, how to restore it and what will happen while it is down.

Apologis for my late reply, I have been away with work.

I have had a look at both OpenHab and Home Assistant. I have decided to go with HA. I will set it up on a Pi3. I will be concentrating on Energy efficiency at first. Working with OEM and HA it should be interesting if a steep learning curve at first.

Many thanks

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