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New diyBMS controller coming?

I understand that there is a new diyBMS controller in the works! Any sense about when it might be available? Will it include the ability to order boards from JLCPCB, etc. as in the past? Thanks in advance, Stuart! You are doing GREAT work!

Depending on where you are in the world there are a few of us that will be coordinating a group buy of controller PCBs (empty or populated).

In the USA I’ve volunteered to order PCBs and parts to populate them fully once @stuart has given me the go ahead. I believe there was someone in Australia and I believe Stuart was going to have them up on the shop on here as well.

@atanisoft I’d be interested in joining in new controller order as well and reside in the USA. Just hoping JLCPCB gets the ATTINY841 back in stock for the other boards soon.

The ATTiny isn’t too challenging to solder by hand, if JLCPCB doesn’t have them in stock soon I’d suggest order without and then order the ATTiny from Mouser/DigiKey.

Once @stuart gives the go ahead I’ll be ordering PCBs.

I’ve asked JLC about this several times, and they just say the stock levels are low. When they do have stock, they only seem to get 50 or 100 at a time, compared to some of the other ATTINY devices where they get 1000+ !

I may consider a move to a different chip to work around this problem.

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Well I’ve managed to release some magic smoke with the new boards already (diode backwards!) but so far they are testing well. Only the CAN bus left to test and then I think we are good to go.

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Ooops :slight_smile: I’ve done that on a few boards myself, thankfully with no real damages though!

I’m in the USA and might be interested in joining a group order. Please, keep me informed! Thanks . . .

I’m in Germany… Do you know who is organizing a controller order for this side of the world?

Minimum order is 5 boards from JLCPCB… may be interesting to see what the price of 5 boards is with the new controller.

It is more economical to group buy the PCBs. JLCPCB offers PCBA up to 30 PCBs in a single order but some of the parts on the PCB have an extra charge of $3 on top of the per-piece cost (the $3 is applicable for 1-30 PCBs using the part, it is not applied for each usage of the part on a PCB).

I’m planning on ordering at least 30 PCBs, solder paste stencil and parts to fully populate. I evaluated the costs for up to 50 PCBs fully populated and found the costs to be slightly cheaper if I assemble the PCBs rather than ordering multiple batches from JLCPCB (partially due to the $3 extended part costs across multiple orders). Based on the part count on the PCB it should be around 30min to assemble from a bare PCB.

Mike, do you plan on ordering the displays and din rail enclosures for a ‘turn key’ offering, or should we purchase those ourselves?

I don’t have the details on those two parts at this time but I could probably source those as well. The only part I will NOT be offering for certain is the ESP32 module, these typically will run around $10 USD each from various retailers online (DigiKey, Mouser, etc).



I’m thinking of going ahead and ordering these parts and the ESP32 myself to minimize your pass-through costs.

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Sounds good. For the ESP32 make sure to get a DevKit-C compatible ESP32 (preferably one from Espressif themselves). Not all ESP32 boards have the same pin layout or pin spacing.

I will move to Berlin in 2 months (for now still in Belgium) Here in Belgium there is a DIY powerwall group in Facebook, maybe there is something like that in Germany.

Parts ordered! Also, Stuart just published the new controller circuit on GitHub!

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Yup, will be ordering a batch of PCBs.

i´m portuguese, and i want upgrade mine too, i need only the new controller, if some one he wants share the costs, I take one to me.


If anyone in U.K. is looking to set a group buy i would like to take part.