Negative steps in kwh logs


I have recently noticed that when I reset my raspberrypi that runs Emoncms, all the kwh logs appear to drop down to a long past value.

This then shows up in the Solar app like this

This started after I updated/reinstalled Emoncms.

So, a couple of questions.

What have I broken this time and how do I fix it?

Is there a script to remove these steps from the logs or will I have to try and make my own?



Hello @Darren, I havent seen this for a while, so not sure what’s causing it. Did you get any power cuts around those points? can you look at the power feed at the exact moment it steps down?
What does the input processing look like for these feeds?

You can recompile cumulative kWh feeds from power data using the postprocess module available on the standard image.

Setup > Post Process

Click on create new: powertokwh

Select your power feed e.g solar

Enter a name for the new kwh feed: solar_kwh2

Swap the input processing around to use the new feed and feel free to delete the old one and rename the new one to solar_kwh again…

Yes, the second drop was due to a power failure, the other two was me restarting the rpi.

I only have a Solar PV setup using an emontx and and old OWL box as backup, so the input processing is fairly standard for both devices.

The emontx power feeds at the two larger steps are:

Your post process tool looks ideal, I’ll give it a try.


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