Need Help after changing feed name which seems to have broken the Solar Battery app

Hi folks,

I’ve had the Solar Battery app for a while, but the numbers were still not quite right, so have been spending a bit if time reviewing the feeds and trying to find mistakes. As part of this I renamed two feeds, use_new and use_new_kWh to House_use_new and House_use_new_kWh to reflect this is the power used by the house, and not the battery. After that, the Battery App has stopped working. (At the time I think had the battery app open in another browser tab, on the settings page, just in case this is relevant).
Now when I try and open the battery app, I get an error window pop up:

EmonCMS Error
Message: TypeError: datastore[name].data[0] is undefined
Route: Modules/app/Lib/timeseries.js?v=17
Line: 18
Column: 9
and if I OK it, the main part of the page remains blank, with the spinning circle animation, and scrolling down shows the 4 coloured blocks for solar, grid, Battery and House all with zeros for the numbers:

I went back and renamed the feeds to their old names, but it’s made no difference.
I created a new instance of the battery App, but it has the same errors
I created a new instance of the battery App and did not use use_new or use_new_kWh, but it has the same errors
I restarted emonhub through the admin page, but it’s made no difference.
I restarted REDIS through the admin page, but it’s made no difference.
I rebooted the Pi through the admin page, but it’s made no difference.
(initially after the reboot the inputs and feeds were working, then after a couple of mins they stopped, and I found emonhub process had restarted and now couldn’t talk to the RFM69. Following a suggestion from Trystan in the forum, I used the option to update the firmware, and then the RFM69 was happy again and is working.)

Whilst I accept this is probably user error, I’m a bit stuck on what to do next. In the error pop-up I wondered if “v=17” referred to a faulty feed, but I don’t have a feed 17. Also, this number has changed, initially it read v=15, and I don’t have a feed 15 either.

This is with a Pi3 running low-write 11.0.5

Any suggestions?

Thanks. Ian

Hi Ian, I did something like this and just created a new instance of the App and gave it the new feed names.

Hi Christian, yeah I tried that, but it hasn’t worked for me yet. I also now have two extra versions of the Battery App that won’t load, and I can’t remove them as the settings spanner doesn’t appear, but that is a less important problem

Sorry that didn’t work, I can’t help with the guts of the thing.

This post shows how you can remove apps.

Hi Christian - Brilliant! the instructions for removing an app in that post allowed me to remove the original Battery app and my two additional attempts so I had no Battery Apps, and then I created a new one and now it works. So many thanks, you found the solution I needed.


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As a newbie to all this I like the look of the Battery/solar app but is there an installation guide for it anywhere as to how and where to connect the CT sensors and so on?