MySolarDivert app history view oddity

Hello all.

New user here so bear with me…

I’m using the MySolarDivert app on but the history view doesn’t appear to report the export value correctly. All the figures are correct when you drill down to the power view for a day, and the live figures are correct, but the history view bar graph and data below show the export to grid figure as 0, and the house use of solar figure is the true export value + the true house usage of solar figure (see screenshots).

What could be causing this? I assume I’ve supplied the app with the right data as it’s correct in the power view.

I’m using an IoTaWatt with CTs on grid, solar and divert (immersion heater) uploading to

Thanks in advance.

So it turns out the grid usage data the app requires is just that, usage, not net usage.

Why the app calculates things differently in the history view from the power view I don’t know. If it did it all the same I’d need one fewer feeds, and feeds = money now!