MySolar App Tooltips not showing


I’ve just installed emoncms low write 9.8.7, started feeding it with input from my optical pulse counters over WiFi, set up a few dashboards and configured the mysolar app.

It all seems to work as expected, except that there are no ‘tooltips’ on the Mysolar app - there is a little circle that follows the bar graph and changes colour depending one whether I select use or generation graph, but it doesn’t read out the value.

On the dashboards the displays all give readouts of the graph value next to the circle, so I would have expected exactly the same to happen on the mysolar app. I’ve googled and found Don't show tooltip on the history view - there's no point · aifb/emoncms-app@e9858a2 · GitHub which says the “tooltip has been disabled on the history view” (and I don’t get the circle here either), so by implication I think that means that I SHOULD get a tooltip with values on the power view.

Anyone any idea what I’m doing wrong? Or is this just how it works?