I see the myheatpump app has been removed from the apps github.
Is is being replaced by the heatpump dashboard?
How can i install this on a local emoncms install?

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@TrystanLea is working on this, he should be able to provide more info. However I think it’s been replaced by It should still be possible to install it locally, if not I’m sure we could make it so.

Thx glyn,

I have no clue how to “add” this to my existing emoncms install.
Or is this completely separated?

It would certainly be great to be able to add it as the myheatpump app is now gone.

Hello Bart, Yes the myheatpump app was removed, I would like to adapt the heatpump dashboard at to be part of the app module but its wont be for a bit. Much of the functionality of the myheatpump app can be achieved with a custom dashboard and a multigraph if you need something faster.

hey trystan.
I have working dashboards now. The current myheatpump being gone is not much of a problem, certainly if it won’t be updated anymore.

I would really like to have heatpumpmonitor functionality.
I’m having difficulty with my current setup to calculate daily, monthly, yearly (heating season) COP’s and such.
This i think, is functionality heatpumpmonitor provides?

Also, the spinning outdoor fan was cool :sunglasses: