MyElectric app, sum of multiple nodes

I currently have two independent nodes configured on a local EmonCMS install. Each node monitors one service leg and all loads for that corresponding leg, as part of a standard US split-phase residential service.

I haven’t been able to figure if there is a better configuration, but what I am using feels a little bit like a dirty hack. For the MyElectric App, I need to provide a persistent PHPFINA feed for both power and accumulated energy. I do have a virtual feed that provides the sum of the power feeds for the service on each node but since this is not persistent it is not useable by MyElectric.

I currently have the first node that logs the power for leg1 to a PHPFINA feed, adds the power from leg2 (node2), saves that to another PHPFINA feed, then uses power_to_kwh for accumulated energy. These latter two feeds are associated with Node1 (leg1) though they actually represent total (sum of all nodes).

Is there a better method to achieve this? IE: It would seem a little cleaner and more intuitive if the sums were actually virtual or otherwise an independent feed rather than being associated with Node1 exclusively. In other words is there an ability to log a virtual feed to a persistent database or otherwise configure something that accomplishes similar? Or is the method I used in fact the best option?