My Solar Screen Resolution

I have an RPi3 with an official Raspberry Touch Screen (7 inch with 800 x 600 resolution) running Raspbian. It’s displaying My Solar and looks great on the kitchen counter top but with one exception … it cannot display the whole screen. I assume this is because the minimum screen resolution for My Solar is 1024 x 768.
Is there any way of adjusting the My Solar screen resolution?

How does it look? Can you share a photo / screenshot of it please?

Here’s a pic of the unit on the kitchen counter top …

The colours don’t look great because of my poor photography. But I can assure you that in real life they are as vivid and the font looks as crisp as My Solar on my laptop or PC.

If the image could be shrunk by a small % then it would avoid the clipping at top & bottom.

Suggestions anyone?

PS: Solar is zero because the panels are not yet installed.