My solar - History data not same as Power view


I log now since 2,5 days and I see that the History infos are not the same as the power view:
When I click “show History”, I has to bars.
With mouse over he show me the values at the bottom:
use, solar, direct, export, grid

but when I click on this bar, the power view is opening and direct, export and grid are different.
use and solar are correct … but sometimes I see a different of 0,1 kWh.

Is this normal?

In my unterstood, the bargraph show the daily data.
So from 0:00 - 23:59

Please could you post a screenshot to illustrate.

Have you followed the setup steps to setup MySolar PV: Solar PV - Guide | OpenEnergyMonitor

Hi Glyn,

attached the screenshot´s … I changed the text and style a little bit … did not change anything of the data.


With Mouse over to the right bar, i get this data.

Then I click on the bar and has this data:

You see the difference.

Nice changes :slight_smile:

Thanks. Ah, I see. It looks like this could be to do with how the figures are calculated, real-time vs accumulator data. @TrystanLea wrote the MySolar module, I will ask him to take a look.

Thank you :slight_smile:
I added also 4 new values on the top (not in the screenshot)

btw: I must set the feeds to public, when I try to display in mysolarpv, correct?

Because when I´m not logged in and use the readkey … I always get the setup site to add the feeds … and the list are empty.

No need to set feeds as public, the mysoalr url should contain the API key e.g


Hi Glyn,

I checked the console when I open “mysolarpv”.
When I´m not logged in, I get:
app2.js:175 ERROR: feed.getmeta invalid response: false
app2.js:175 ERROR: feed.getmeta invalid response: false
app2.js:175 ERROR: feed.getmeta invalid response: false

But when I´m logged in, I have not this errors.

It seems coming from thr kwh feeds.
Also the variable app_mysolarpv.latest_start_time is 0, when I´m not logged in.

Thank you!

Thanks for letting us know, you have found a bug. This has now been fixed by @TrystanLea :

Fix has been pushed to stable branch. Please update your emonPi using update emonPi button in the admin interface and confirm issue has been fixed. Thanks.

Hi Glyn,

yes, seems to working now fine … thank you!

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