My Solar Divert App calcs

Hello again folks,

Foolishly I’ve only just discovered this app! I’m puzzled with one of the calculations however - I’ve always used feeds on the traditional solar PV app that shows ‘House Nett’ (excluding diverted) and ‘Generation’ which has worked fine. I also had a ‘Diverted’ feed in W and kWh which I’d always just bunged into the ‘myelectric’ app. So now when I try to add the feeds into the My Solar Divert app, it seems to remove the ‘house’ and ‘divert’ values which ends up in negative readings for the ‘house use’. If I create a new process that creates a feed without me doing the subtractions it seems be fine but as this is a new feed the historical data in missing.

So my question is, why doe this app do that calculation - I sort of understand the logic of the ‘house use’ including diverted power, but in my case as my feed already takes this into account, is there a way of using the raw feeds as they are without the subtraction?

P.S. I’m on the public emonCMS at present and hoping to run it locally so assume in the future I can modify the app myself to work with the data I already have