My Solar app feed polarity: Exporting and Power now issue?

I have my CTs for grid monitoring located on the main meter tail feeds coming in to my house. I also have CTs on the main feeds from my solar pv inverter. These seem to be working fine. I expect the grid monitoring feeds to be negative when exporting power to the grid and positive when importing power from the grid. The pv monitoring feeds, I expect always to be positive. This is in line with what I’ve read is ‘correct’ on the web site.

When I use the grid feeds for the My Solar app (‘Electricity consumption feed id’), these appear as negative in ‘Power now’ right now (lets say, it’s -5,000W), because I’m exporting to the grid - it’s sunny! The ‘Solar pv’ (feed id/s into ‘Solar generation feed id’) is positive (let’s say, it’s 6,000W). The ‘Exporting’ figure is showing as 11,000W. I’d expect the ‘Exporting’ figure to be populated by the figure that is appearing in the ‘Power now’ space, and the ‘Power now’ space to be the sum of the ‘Exporting’ and ‘Solar pv’ figures, that is 1,000W using the figures I have used above.

Should I have connected these CTs differently, or is this an issue? I think I could work around the issue if I could do some processing of the feed data myself before passing to the app, but I cannot see anyway of making a virtual feed (I’ve posted separately on that issue).

Doesn’t the my solar app ask for “use” rather than grid? use is the sum of grid + solar.

9.5 does ask for use. 8.5 doesn’t. I’ve upgraded to 9.5. The 9.5 My Solar app, however, doesn’t seem to allow the selection of a virtual feed for ‘use’. I’m unsure how I can calculate the use over 3 phases without using a virtual feed. Any advice gratefully received.

If I’m not wrong you have to use now phpfina feeds
I have mixed feeds (phpfina in test and my sql feeds) and I only can choose from phpfina feeds.

Is there any way of summing feeds and feeding that to the app, or using the app to sum feeds? Is the only way of summing feeds using virtual feeds?

according me you can

in inputs click on the wrench to open the details

opens up the process list where you can interact with the input via processes
here is an example I’m testing right now

there you should already have something like log to feed

you can add a process, example

+feed (choose the one to add to the value)
log to feed (nameit)

and then you can choose that feed to show on a dashboard being sum of the 2 feeds

beware to set the order from top to bottom as the system executes it in that way, meaning the flow must be correct or you can get weird results.

[Edit: The result of a calculation in most cases is automatically passed down to the next calculation, but beware, there are exceptions. (RW)]