My Iotawatt stoped posting to

Hi guys.
My account stoped receiving data from my Iotawatt device around a week ago.
When I checked my devices on emoncms, I suddently had non. But all my inputs and feeds are still there.

The Iotawatt works fine localy.
I have tried changing the Iotawatt settings, but I am unable to get it working again.
Log from iotawatt says:
11/10/18 11:38:17 EmonService: started.,node:IotaWatt,interval:10, encrypted POST
11/10/18 11:38:17 Updater: Auto-update is current for class MAJOR.
11/10/18 11:38:36 EmonService: get input list failing, code: 401

Url is set to
Apikey is from my emoncms device access api key, userid is the number i I found on my account.
Any help would be apriciated.

Bob Lemaire can now be found at, he has set up a dedicated forum for IotaWatt, if you post your question there I’m sure he will get back to you quickly.