My Home Energy Planner

First, hello from Brazil :wink:

I’ve been checking the EmonCMS for a while and testing it on a VPS until I setup correctly my EmonTX and EmonBase. I’ve noticed that the My Home Energy Planner doesn’t have a documentantion about install, also seem a little bit “abandoned” I’ve installed succesfully the EmonCMS but cannot do the same with MHEP. There’s a place that I can find a How-to? I really wan’t to use the MHEP for modelling (With Brazil tropical weather, more cooling than heating).

Thanks in advance.

Hello ThiagoH, MyHomeEnergyPlanner is currently under active development by Carlos Alonso Gabizón (cagabi (carlos Alonso Gabizón) · GitHub) who is working with Carbon Coop on this.

The development is happening on the development branch here:

Development is being coordinated and updated using github issues here:

Installation is very similar to emoncms as it shares the same core, you need a web server with apache and mysql with the myhomeneergyplanner repository installed in the public html location /var/www/ or /var/www/html. Then copy default.settings.php to settings.php and set your mysql username, password etc in there. The server will need to have mod rewrite enabled in the same way as emoncms. The installation is almost identical to the emoncms installation as documented here: emoncms/ at master · emoncms/emoncms · GitHub

Would be great to hear how you get on with it :slight_smile:

Hi Trystan and ThiagoH

I had the same thoughts ThiagoH about install, but after Trystans comments will give it a try. I have seen active GitHub stuff going on.

I’m still running emontx v2 and nanoderf posting to emoncns, would like to upgrade to emonpi and local emoncns. First I’ll buy a Pi to test home energy planner.

I have tonnes of logged data and while visualisations give a great way of displaying the data I’m hoping that home energy planner will allow me to better analyse poor insulation and best bang for buck upgrades at home.

Then hopefully I will be able to see the savings on emoncms.

Cheers Paul.

Hi there,

I am Carlos (cagabi), the one that Trystan mentions in his reply. It’s great that there is interest on this.

Beware that the development branch may not be right depending on the moment you clone/download it as things get uploaded on the go and not when milestones are reached. So you may find it not working right. On the other hand the main branch is very much out of date. Sorry!

I will recommend to wait for around a month when we finish redoing the Systems section. I’ll try to remember and come back to this post when there is something that can be used as it is.



Mr. Carlos, and or team.
I have installed the My Energy Planner on ubuntu 16.04 server with the emoncms instruction above, and when I get to the login screen I receive the following error (No connection with server). I then enabled the registration section of the settings file and get nothing, what would I need to do to rectify this issue.

Hi Tyrone,

Does the error say only that? Are you able to see at least the login screen?