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"My Heatpump" - Uncaught TypeError: feedstats[z].minvalu.toFixed is not a function

Hi, I’m using EmonCMS on a local installation of Ubuntu, accessing using Chrome. I setup the ‘My Heatpump’ App yesterday, however, each time I browse to that App i am getting the following in a notification window from Chrome -

EmonCMS Error
Message: Uncaught TypeError: feedstats[z].minvalu.toFixed is not a function
Route: app/view?name=My+Heatpump
line: 835
Column 69


In the background, the page has started to display but is in Grey, you can just make out ‘MY HEATPUMP’ and the COP 30 mins, Electric, Flow and then some text at the bottom of the window too. In the main browser I get the spinning ‘flower’…

Clicking on [OK] causes the popup to clear away but the ‘MY HEATPUMP’ screen is still Grey and the spinning ‘flower’ continues.

Has anyone else seen this? I’ve used Emoncms before but never really had any issues.

Would anyone me able to assist me please?

Do you get the same results on a different browser, like Firefox?

@TrystanLea - can you look at this please?

HI can I check you are running the latest version? Can you run an update and check the logs for problems please.

Can you click on the button Copy as Markdown next to Server Information on the Admin page and paste into a reply here please (no further formatting required).

Hello, to provide you with an update on this. I’ve not been able to check this for a few days, but, I logged in today and this is now working. Is this something to do with the amount of data available to the application?

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Good to hear that this is now working @pentala it is probably to do with not having enough data. However I have made a couple of changes to the myheatpump dashboard to aid with debugging this and another error in future. The line numbers in the error message will now be correct and I will then hopefully be able to trace and fix the issue properly.


I’ve just bumped into a similar error. I think it’s when I select an hour where the heat pump wasn’t running. This is from the current stable EmonSD on an old RPi 2 B, installed yesterday and updated in line with whatever first-boot update it does. Here is the error:

EmonCMS Error
Message: TypeError: feedstats[z].minval.toFixed is not a function
Route: Modules/app/apps/OpenEnergyMonitor/myheatpump/myheatpump.js?v=15
Line: 571
Column: 69