My goal is it possible:- Monitor 2 4KW solar installs (same building), 1 dual meter (E7) and 1 3 phase meter & 1 solar hot water diverter & I would like to build my own hardware :-)

I think the title says it all ish!
I am keen to build my own hardware but I have not seen any info regarding doing this having nosed around this site. Is it possible and can someone point me in the right direction as to what I will need to achieve my goal. I’m an electronics engineer so happy to get my hands very dirty :wink:

Carry on reading! There are two proven designs here for diverters, and the ‘bare bones’ data for the front end electronics for monitoring. Obviously, you’ll need many ADC inputs and maybe a way to interrogate your meter(s), so I’d suggest looking at one of the high powered Arduinos, or better still, we’re looking at the STM32 range. (But there’s very limited experience of that - it’s very much under development.) There is plenty of software (“sketches” in Arduino-speak) to crib from and build upon.

It can be hard to find what you want, there’s so much here and it’s tended to grow “organically” at a faster rate than it can be organised into a structure, so you will probably need to ask if you can’t find something.
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