My Electric App - Windows - Today's Energy not updating

Hello everybody - my first post!

I’m running an emonTX for basic energy monitoring which is all fine. I’ve created Emoncms dashboards and they are working OK. This has all been up and running for a good five months.

However, I’ve just noticed a slight issue with the My Electric and My Electric 2 Windows apps. I’m no longer seeing a cumulative energy reading under “Today” in either app. Instead it’s showing the previous day’s total reading. The instantaneous Power reading is updating in realtime.

I’m running the Emoncms app on my Android phone and that’s working perfectly showing today’s total energy reading and current power.

I think I’m correct in remembering that these apps were working fine on Windows previously and I would be interested if anybody else is seeing the same problem?

Thoughts welcome.



This has now been resolved - Thanks Glyn.

Transpires that my PC Emoncms account had the time zone set to UTC as opposed to Europe/London. This didn’t cause an issue until the BST change at which point cumulative kWh for the current day didn’t appear correctly. As soon as I changed this to Europe/London everything is good.

Hope this helps anybody else who comes across this issue.


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Thanks for letting us know and updating the topic @Tim_Weston sorry to not catch your question sooner!