mVPerADC value

hi stuart
I just want to ask what is the proper value for this one.
I installed an 2.048 voltage reference.

Ok, leave that at 2.0 and just adjust the configuration scale through the web interface.

If this is a V4.21 board, using a higher voltage reference will mean your voltage readings are likely to be less accurate, as the other components in the circuit are designed for the 1.24 or 1.25V reference.

I am using v4 board. I think this is the first release because the writing on the board is only v4
I just put the actual reading and press calculate to have correct reading. I hope my method is right. I didn’t change any value. thanks a lot you always a great help

Thats correct, you shouldn’t need to change the code though.

The V4.00 boards use a LM4040BIM3-2.0 chip which runs at 2.048V.

When using platformio, you just need to ensure you program the modules with the code from option “V400” like the screenshot.