Multiple emontx v3 shields without radio transmission

Backstory. I have 3 emontx v3 shields for a 3 phase of and grid monitoring setup.

I constantly run into the 3 shields trampling each other on the radio spectrum.

What is like to do is have the shields directly connected to a raspberry pi or multiple submitting via http over WiFi

Is there any recommended ways to do this. I have briefly looked at serial options. But I’m curious if there are better ways


I had this problem. I added emonesp boards.

If you do go this route I recommend using platformio as the way do install firmware on ESP. Saves a lot of time and hassle once you have it set up.


uggh, i said emontx v3 shield. I should have said emontx arduino shield, those esp8266 modules look great but dont look applicable for the arduino shield

If there is a serial connection you should still be able to use the ESP. Just change the connections to suit. The 3phase firmware has the routine for transmitting over serial. You may need to patch your software as per the 3phase firmware.


If you go that route, you will need to observe the maximum serial data rate that’s specified in the 3-phase PLL sketch. I believe there are many such set-ups (emonTx + ESP) in Germany done by Simsala.