Multiple emonpis under one account

Good afternoon all,

We have three active emonPi devices, and recently I have noticed that data from two of the emonpis is getting mixed up into the first emonpi. On the UI, you can see the power values flip flopping between the devices.

I think this issue is because both are based on the same node, but when we went to rename the node for one emonpi, the processes did not carry over to the new name and we seemingly just created a new node (called Node 5) which has only an rssi key. Our inputs tab now shows Node 5 and Node emonpi, our original node. All we seek to do is maintain our processes and alter node emonpi so that it is differentiable from the Node emonpi being used by our second device. We have been trying to make node changes in the emonhub config editor, but obviously we have not been making the right changes. Would anyone suggest a solution to resolve this data overlap?

Thank you in advance,

It is not clear to me what your set-up is. Are all 3 emonPis sending data to or to emoncms running on your own separate server, or is one emonPi running emonCMS and the other two feeding data to it via your LAN?

A similar question has been asked before - did you find that, and if so, did the answer to that not help?