Multigraphs data not showing up properly since last week

HI Everyone,

I would like to ask for some help or hints, as i am facing a strange problem since last Saturday or Sunday when all of a sudden all of my Multigraphs went south. Neither the ones that were supposed to show temperature, nor the ones that are for consuption and generation data showing the charts properly. Data behind them looks to be ok, only the visualisation of them are weird! I am posting all my data to server, and I have not done any changes to my existing configuration since i installed it back in 2014!

I have also searched through the posts and blogs here for similar errors like this one, but did not find any, so possibly it is only me who have this problem.
The Browser cache cleanup -which i read here for graphs problems- did not help, and I have the same problem when accessing emoncms webpage from any devices independently from its OS. (tried on *nix, iOS, anddroid and different windows versions, result was the same).

Any help or hint would be much apprecited!
Thank you
Kind Regards,

Finally i was able to figure what the problem was. In this case it was user-error :slight_smile:
On emoncms webpage → Extra / Visualisation, then select Multigraph, search for the problematic one, click on Advanced, Select: Skip missing Data checkbox and voilà, result is as below.