MQTT setting needed for 3rd party solar controller

I have had my emonpi for a few years and have used the MQTT server that is in built for data logging which works well and easy to setup, but I have a 3rd party solar Wi-Fi data logger that goes on my Epever solar controller from that i have had for a few years and noticed that it had a upgrade on it’s firmware, which I did and have now noticed that is has a section for uploading data to a MQTT broker, but the has not got all the user, password section that is required for the emonpi, is there a way of addressing this problem by entering into the address URL these details?

There are feature requests on the snektek forum for this already. It would have to be done on Jonathan’s end. The source code is available at SnekTek BitBucket, in case you want to have a go of it yourself. It does not look to have the latest 4.0-2d5693-2021-03-24-04-38 firmware, so current development may be in a private repo.

An alternative to this is to either disable authentication requirements on the emonPi MQTT broker (which I have done), or create another broker with authentication disabled, and bridge it to the emonPi broker leaving authentication enabled there. See MQTT Bridging for more information.

Question: why do you need to send the snektek data to the emonPi instead of a separate broker?

On the EmonPi, you can turn on anonymous on the MQTT broker (Mosquitto).

Can’t remember how immediately…