MQTT Disconnect

Something I have noticed with MQTT connection with OpenEVSE to EmonCMS. Whenever I run a firmware update on my router there is a period where the router reboots and while the Access Point for the WIFI keeps the connection open. The LAN and WIFI are disconnected (run through the router) which causes the OpenEVSE and EmonCMS connection to be disrupted for a brief time. I’ve noticed that once the router comes back up that the MQTT connection between them is down. I was wondering if there was a self healing built in with MQTT where it might attempt to reconnect every, say 30 minutes or so? The last time this occurred it was about 2 days before I noticed that MQTT was not submitting data from the OpenEVSE to EmonCMS.

My WIFI connection is solid, -66 dBm, so that is certainly not an issue. I fixed this since before I had a very weak connection, -80+ dBm, and MQTT would constantly disconnect and require me to reset the WIFI on OpenEVSE to get it to attempt to reconnect.