Moved EMONCMS to another machine - what to disable

I’ve moved my EMONCMS to another Pi and would like to uninstall all the unused services. I need to keep the RFM69Pi running and posting to MQTT, but the rest is no longer needed.

I’ve tried to disable

but they keep starting again after a reboot. Is there an easy way to either force this lot not to start after a reboot, or uninstall the bits I don’t need? I’ve tried
sudo update-rc.d servicename disable
sudo systemctl disable servicename

Hi Kevin,

This link might help:

I think that you need to remove the services before you disable them, or use the “-f” option with update-rc.d as in sudo update-rc.d -f servicename remove, which will remove the symlinks, but not the service script (thus preventing it from running at start up).

I could be wrong, I’ve only just learned this stuff while trying to figure out my own emon problems.


Hi Nick,
thanks for the reply. Things have moved on a bit since I posted and to get rid of the problem I have uninstalled the bits I don’t need. Its good to have an explanation for what to do in future!