Moved EMONCMS from one server to another and repointed IOTAWATT, but everything says inactive

I moved the EMONCMS installation from one server to another, repointed the IOTAWATT devices to the new IP… the values are updateing yet everything still says INACTIVE.

What am I doing wrong?

Probably nothing. If your “upload history from” is in the past and you have historical data in the IoTaWatt log, then it’s probably busily uploading that historical data and will eventually catch up to the present. Depending on the server, the ratio can be 30:1 or more, which is 30 hours takes an hour to upload or… 30 days takes a day to upload.

What you see in Emoncms is consistent with that. I don’t recall the cutoff for INACTIVE, but it’s like a couple of days.

The place to look is in the Emoncms dropdown tab in the IoTaWatt status display. There you will see the most recent date/time update and can watch the progress.

Ok great! yeah, I’m looking at the actual feeds and see the data start trickling in.

it was out for 12 days… so you mean to tell me that it can take months before it’s up-to-date again? It’s still saying inactive.

OMG! Still going!

So obviously it’s not getting there. Move on over to IoTaWatt User Community and post what you have seen on the IoTaWatt status screen and the message log and I’ll take a look.

I don’t have access to the IOTAWATTs. They are in a remote office. I only asked the personnel there to change the IP address of the EMONCMS in the IOTAWATTs.

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