Moved data from RPi3 to new server, weird usage data appearing

I moved my EmonPi installation to my server which is running 7x24. Copied over all feed files and the database, all is working and fine, emonhub is posting data, etc. However, there is weird data displayed on one of the apps, namely MyElectric. MySolar is fine, bar graphs are also fine and consistent with the original Pi3. Phpfina usage feed looks consistent, I ran a check script on it, there are no weird values in the feed, it’s monotonically increasing for my usage data.

However I’m seeing the weird values and bar graph as on the attached image. Could someone help what to check? Are there other places besides the feeds, where the apps store aux info?

Contrary to what I’ve written below earlier, the problem still exists. I mixed up my old and new system in my browser. So my opening post is still actual.

[details=Summary]OK, solved… I simply disabled the 2 other, unused apps, My Solar&Wind and My Solar (with divert), and it fixed my issue.

Strange though, I think it’s a bug. The apps shouldn’t affect each other in these weird ways.[/details]

OK, I solved it, sort of. I copied over the phpfina feed meta/data files, written a small script to get the latest feed values and timestamps and updated the new mysql database feeds table with these. Now everything seems to be in order. All this with redis backend disabled. It’s not really needed here and I haven’t been able to transfer the data succesfully anyway, while using it.