Move a commit from master to stable?

I’ve just set up my first dual Y-axis graphs on a dashboard but the right side doesn’t respect the min/max values.

I was about to try and figure out why when I noticed it had already been reported, fixed and merging into master back in August/September: Bug. Embed graphs right y axis ignore the manual min and max. · Issue #127 · emoncms/graph · GitHub

Can this commit be moved over to stable? I wasn’t sure if there was a set schedule or if it was more adhoc :slight_smile:


Yes it looks like the merge to stable is perhaps overdue, there is also a commit on the stable branch, not in master so one for @TrystanLea to sort probably.

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Thanks for the prompt @langers2k @pb66 I’ve merged this into stable now and updated the version to 2.0.10 Release 2.0.10 · emoncms/graph · GitHub

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Updated and all happy, thanks!