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Most graphs not working after update, could not open data file

Hi all.
So i first got emoncms up and running a few years ago, running via docker.
The version was all kinds of old, I think 8.x, so a couple of months ago i updated.

I am now running v 10.1.13, and after the updatea number of my feed graphs stopped working.

Originally, i was getting cant find feedId=x errors, and I discovered that the phpfina directory had changed. I copied the files across to the new one, and that error was rectified.

However, now i am getting these errors in the logs on some feeds. and the graphs are blank.
2022-01-04 03:55:52.610|WARN|PHPFina.php|post() could not open data file id=42

Most likely, theres just sometyhing else that needs to be moved, but im just not quite sure what it is!


I think that means the code can’t open the file “42.dat” in your phpfina directory. I wonder if it could be a file/directory ownership issue?


I think this was it.
I was certain i had checked ownership at the file level, but i had only checked it at the folder level.

Appears to be working now!

Excellent :slight_smile: