More emonPi / Base at the same location [Solved]

More emonPi / Base at the same location

Is it possible to run more emonPi / emonBASE at the same location ?
Can you change radio channels so that they do not conflict with each other ?

The purpose is to run a test on an emonBase while an emonPi is in operation at the same time?

Yes this is possible, if you’re just receiving data from other wireless nodes and logging locally they should not conflict. The host name of the second Pi you add on the network will likely have a appended number e.g emonpi-2.local.

Hi Trystan
Can I receive data from an emonTx3 on both emonPI / Base at the same time?
Or should there be individual nodes on each channel?

You can receive on both. That’s exactly how I test with my “development” environment.

I have an emonTx3 and two RPi’s each with an emonBase attached. Both RPi’s receive the exact same data from the emonTx3 at the same time.

Thank you Greebo.
That was exactly what I wanted to know.