Monthly energy consumption openEVSE

Can anyone help, I am trying to get my monthly energy consumption from my openEVSE, I have the openEVSE dash setup which kind of shows daily current monthly energy usage but I am after a total energy consumption for a calendar month. I can’t work out how to do this in graphs or visualization.

See the following graph settings to display monthly kWh data:

Type: monthly
Set end > start time
Feed Type: bars
Fill: enable
Delta: enable

I’d like to understand what data the openEVSE is capable of logging, in particular this use case:
Individual charging sessions - start/end date/time, charge supplied kWH, Amps(min,max,average), any other metrics

Is there perhaps a link to a reference for the API and related data?

Thank you

Here are the default metrics the EmonEVSE / OpenEVSE log to Emoncms:

See the user guide setup: OpenEVSE / EmonEVSE Setup Guide - Guide | OpenEnergyMonitor

Energy supplied is by default shown per day on Emoncms graph e.g

See this link for a live demo of the web interface:

Many thanks for the info and reply.