Monitoring which equipment do i buy and where do i place it


Im looking at where to buying home monitoring for generated electricity (solar) and power in feed to monitor. Can some help please?

I tried to provide all the links in this post but unable to since im new to this forum, im only allowed 2 links. Here is the same information as below but in google docs with all the links to pictures, hopefull it will make more sense to you:

I’ll write the details of the equipment I have, e.g solar equipment and meters and where they are located.

In the loft i have a solis panel that i believe converts the feed from the solar panels into a electricity thats eventually feeds back into the grid. The tech details on the side are here.

I believe this is then fed down to the utility room where the fuse box is located. This is the solar meter reading feed just underneath.

I believe this is then fed to the outside meter.

What open energy meter equipment am i best buying and where would i fit it?

Thanks :slight_smile:

Hy Alex, I bumped your status and you ‘should’ be able to post images and attachments.

If your solar panels only feed back and the wires go via the fuse box, I guess this is the best spot to work. Now all depends where your fuse box is relative to what you really want to do. You can log locally and see on your computer or you can send data to or to a self hosted emoncms.

All depending on those little details, you can choose other hardware. For what I saw you are in an single phase setup so I would recommend you to start reading these pages as they give you already the basic details of how it works, what needs to be installed etc. I might help you to image your setup and eventually pinpoint the questions you might still have after the reading.

Hi Alex,

Now that Eric has adjusted your account, please upload your images here.
If the site you linked to become unavailable, your post loses its value.

I’m going to say self hosted - I guess that’s hosted on the Rapsberry PI supplied? I’ve read through the guide. Still not 100% sure which equipment i should buy. Im a IT guy so have technical skills that way but electronics isnt my strength. Thanks


Yes, that’s what we mean by self-hosted. (We could also mean on another server that you control - on your LAN or elsewhere.)
Are you still unable to upload the material that you put on the 3rd party sites? What is the problem exactly?

I’ve had a look at your photos and while it will be easy to add a current transformer to measure your incoming mains, the solar inverter output wires look pretty well hidden. You may have to recruit an electrician to get access to the individual LIVE wire from the inverter. I believe you can use an optical pulse counter mounted on the meter itself instead, though - not something I’ve done myself yet.

In theory all you need is the basic emon Pi Solar PV kit. This can host the data itself and you can then view it through its own web server. Alternatively you can have the Pi send the data to