Monitoring multiple feeds with MySolar App

Hello, i’m running EmonCMS to monitor my solar production and home consumption but i cannot understand how to show in My Solar app the total energy consumption of my house. My electrical system is divided in two different branches so i’ve two different sensors on the wires which create two feeds and I’ve created a virtual feed called “Total Energy Consumption” that is the result of “Consumption on branch 1” + “Consumption on branch 2”. Everything seems to works correctly except that when i launch the My Solar app i cannot see the Virtual feeds but only Consumption on branch 1 and Consumption on branch 2.
There is something i’m missing? Why virtual feeds doesn’t show in My Solar?

Thank you in advance

Have you found Virtual Feed - Post-processing data on the fly | Archived Forum
and Understanding Virtual Feeds

I am not an emoncms expert. If you cannot get the virtual feed to work with My Solar, then you can go back to one of the input processes, at the end add
Reset to zero
and start again. Add each branch power with
in the input processing, then do as you’ve done with the separate branches - convert to kWh etc, and send the result to the “sum” feed.