Modules for sale on

You can take a tour through this link @stuart is of your interest

Hello @Gerardo, I would class this link as “commercial” which is not permitted by the licence of diyBMS.

Charging a small cost to cover overheads isn’t really a problem, but there is no way a 14S solution costs 349 euro (even including a small amount of video calling assistance)

Non-Commercial — You may not use the material for commercial purposes.

The only shop currently permitted to resell is the Open Energy Monitor, which also ship worldwide.

The page is not mine, but I found that they used your images, get in touch with them.
I have nothing to do with the work they do, and it is horrendous that they use your knowledge for their own benefit.

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Hi @Gerardo, I didn’t think it was your page, I’ll get in touch with them.

Thanks for pointing it out.