Module reports zero volt and -40 temperature

It is the third time that leaf modules have happened to me, it works correctly and one day this happens. Any suggestion? any way to repair? I have checked wiring and everything seems correct. I have to change the module again

Is it always the same module or does it happen randomly?
Have you tried programming the module again?
Could you try giving the attiny welds a reprieve

Okay, if you go to the modules page, is the configuration on that cell set to ZERO?

In which case something has wiped the EEPROM of the ATTINY chip causing it to report zero. If the whole module had failed, the whole graph wouldn’t work.

You should just be able to recalibrate the module again to reset the EEPROM contents.

I’d also upgrade to the latest master branch code, which has some failsafes in it to help avoid this.

  • It is not always the same module.
  • I have reprogrammed and the result is the same.
  • On other occasions I have rechecked the welds, although they come directly from jlcpcb and it did not work either. I will do it again.


Perfect. It was that. The fields were set to zero.

Change parameters and it started working.

Thank you.

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